Brown House Candle Fundraising: 

Fundraising Never Smelled So Good! 

There are many fundraising options for your school, club or community organization but it's time to consider new options that saves you time and hassle and earns you more money! We have two options to pick from so you can choose the option that works best for your group.

Option #1:
Pick a day (Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday) that works for your group to promote people to come into the store during regular business hours and purchase candles, body care and home products, gift certificates and/or the candle experience and 20% of Net Sales that day will be donated back to you. It is as simple as promote our store on your selected day, your supporters come in and purchase from us that day and we cut you a check for 20% of our Net Sales for that day!  A Win-Win for EVERYONE.

Option #2:
Do a traditional fundraiser. Come into our store a pre-pick 12 fragrances (yes, you get to choose the single scented fragrances that you want to sell) and sell candles for 2 or 3 weeks.  We supply all the supporting materials including information about our candles and your order form.  You sell the 8oz tin candles and collect the money (checks are made out to your group).  Once you have completed the sales and collection of your fundraiser you would submit your order to us. You make $5 per candle and the money is already in your account.  We will pour the candles 7 to 10 days after you place your order and submit payment to us. 


Please complete the contact form below so we can follow up with you to discuss our fundraising options in more detail. We look forward to helping you.