Scent Your Event & Artisan Collaborations


Smell is powerful. It is the most sophisticated of the five senses and links directly to the section of the brain responsible for memory and emotion. Use this powerful tool to enhance your social events and leave a lasting impression. We offer two options in which we can bring the custom scented candle experience to your next event or we can help you create a custom scented product for your event!

If you choose to have us come to you - The Brown House Candles’ team can create a one-of-a-kind experience at your location by bring our custom scented candle experience to your event. This unique experience is great for an interactive wedding favor, shower activity, or team building event.

If you choose to create your custom scented product - we are here to help with this as well.  You would need schedule time to come into the store to discuss your event and create your custom scent – do not worry we are here to help you create the perfect fragrance for your event.  

Either option your choose, let us help take your event to the next level.   We also provide basic options for custom labeling for your event. This is perfect for Brides seeking truly signature gifts for your bridal shower, rehearsal dinner or wedding favors; Baby Showers the perfect take-home gift for baby showers guest; and Clients since candles make fantastic gifts for new home buyers, galas, birthday parties & any special celebration. Your custom creation will be unique and memorable. 

Please note: In order to allow for the appropriate amount of time and attention to create your perfect scent, we perform all initial consultations for Scent your Event orders by appointment only. Please complete the contact form below so we can follow up with you to discuss getting started creating a unique gift everyone will enjoy! 



We work with local artisans to combine their talents with our candle experience.

How does it work - If you decorate the best holiday cookies, make costume jewelry, or have some other crafting superpower that can be done in a workshop setting - contact us and set up a date to host your event.  You would need to get a minimum of 15 people to pay and attend the workshop/event (you set your own cost - just remember to include in your price the cost of $30 per person for the candle experience portion of the workshop/event).  We will host your workshop/event in our store for 2.5 hours.  The first 45 to 60 minutes will be dedicated to the candle experience then we will take a short break (we encourage you to serve light refreshments) then the last 60 to 75 minutes will be dedicated to your workshop.  During your workshop, our staff will be there to assist you and ensure that the candles are setting properly since it takes them about 90 minutes to set. 

This is our way of providing local artisans a place to showcase their talents while earning money without having to pay to rent a space. For the cost of 15 people doing the candle experience, we provide you with the space for 2.5 hours.  This is our way of helping our artisan community and bringing awareness to our beautiful store - Sometimes Two Forces are better than one.  

Please complete the contact form below so we can follow up with you to discuss hosting your workshop/event in more detail. 

We would love to host events such as Candles & Cookies, Candles & Canvas, Pour & Plank, Pour & Plant, Candles & Wreaths just to name a few…Candles go with EVERYTHING!.